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The Indian Peptide Society (IPS), a nonprofit scientific and educational organization founded in 2006, provides a forum for advancing and promoting knowledge of the chemistry and biology of peptides. Establishment of the Indian Peptide Society was a result of the rapid worldwide growth that has occurred in peptide-related research, and of the increasing interaction of Indian Peptide scientists with virtually all fields of science.

Peptides are chains of amino acid residues with remarkable biological functions, ranging from hormonal regulation to antibiotic activities. Members of the Indian Peptide Society are involved in research in academia, industry, and government, covering all aspects of peptide chemistry, biology, and pharmaceutical science. Research topics include synthesis of biologically important targets, isolation and characterization of new products, structure-activity relationship studies, molecular diversity, de novo design, drug delivery, and the discovery of new pharmaceutical agents.

The purpose of the society is to provide national and international forums to facilitate communication, cooperation and collaboration with respect to all aspects of the study of peptides. Members have an opportunity to actively participate in the emerging fields of peptide science. The members of  IPS are drawn from diverse areas representing universities, academia, industry, government, corporations and non-profit institutions from all over the country in order to provide leadership in this broad field of research. The members of the society are making a strong impact towards the advancement of peptide science.

Horizons of Indian Peptide Society are not restricted to the geographical boundaries of India but extend worldwide to Indian Peptide scientists who could also become members of the Indian Peptide Society and provide their valuable contributions.

The need of Indian Peptide Society was being felt for many years having looked at the growing number of Indian Peptide scientists in various peptide symposia worldwide and their growing contribution for research within India also. So, finally the dream came true when the first meeting of Indian Peptide Society was conducted at I.C.G.E.B, New Delhi to formally announce the formation of IPS under the guidance of Prof. V.S. Chauhan, Director, I.C.G.E.B, New Delhi, Prof. P. Balaram, Director, Indian Institute of science, Bengaluru.

We wish to invite all interested scientists, scholars, industry practitioners and students to enroll as the member of the Indian Peptide Society so the society could enrich.

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